How Dry Mouth Affects Your Oral Health

Dry mouth is a condition that occurs for a variety of reasons, from medication to dehydration. When you don’t have enough saliva it can make your mouth feel dry, which is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause a variety of oral health problems. 

Do you experience frequent dry mouth? If so, you should know about the effect this condition may have on your oral health, and what you can do about it. 

What is Dry Mouth?

It is common to feel thirsty from time to time, on a hot day or after exercising. But dry mouth is an actual medical condition that affects some people, characterized by a significant lack of saliva. When the salivary glands are not producing the normal amount of saliva, you may experience a variety of symptoms: 

Causes of Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth can occur due to a variety of causes:

Oral Health Problems From Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth can lead to a variety of oral health problems, including: 

Are There Treatments for Dry Mouth? 

If you are experiencing dry mouth you don’t have to live with it. There are treatments for dry mouth that can increase saliva production, such as: 

Talk To Your Dentist About Dry Mouth

If you have chronic dry mouth, your dentist can help in a variety of ways. Dentists can recommend ways to relieve the dryness in your mouth and also prescribe medication. They can also monitor your oral health to ensure that your dry mouth symptoms don’t cause tooth decay and other problems. 

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