5 Steps to Keeping Your Invisalign Trays Clean

Invisalign is a highly effective means of addressing mild to moderate orthodontic needs. 

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign comes with a set of clear aligners that are removable. And this makes it very easy to maintain good oral hygiene. Of course, knowing how to properly clean them is key. 

Here are five steps to keeping your Invisalign trays clean. 

1. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Before you clean your Invisalign trays, it is important to make sure you are using the right cleaning products. After all, your treatment is an investment and you won’t want to do anything to get in the way of your great results. 

When it comes to your aligners, do not use toothpaste to clean them as most are too abrasive and can be damaging. Dentists commonly suggest that you use a mild, clear soap or the Invisalign Cleaning Kit. 

Be sure to discuss your cleaning products with your dentist before you use them. 

2. Remove Your Invisalign Aligners Upon Waking

Just as you have always (hopefully) brushed your teeth in the morning, you need to get in the habit of removing and cleaning your Invisalign aligners. By including this as part of your regular morning activity, you can more confidently ensure that you clean your trays every single day. 

3. Rinse Your Invisalign Trays

Always rinse your Invisalign trays when you take them out in the morning - or anytime you remove them. The longer the bacteria from your food remains on the trays, the greater chance it has of turning into plaque. And, since they sit right up against your teeth, this can create bigger problems. 

Rinse your aligners with plain water and use an antibacterial soap with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This will give you the greatest chance of removing anything that is stuck to the surface. 

4. Soak Your Invisalign Aligners

Take five minutes or so to give your Invisalign aligners a soak in either Invisalign cleaner or a dentist-approved denture cleaner. These work to loosen up any particles left behind and also freshen them up. 

So, while you are brushing and flossing your teeth as part of your morning oral hygiene routine, soak your trays. Then, rinse them off and brush them one more time just to ensure everything is off of their surface and they are clean to put back in your mouth. 

Never leave your Invisalign aligners soaking for longer than the recommended time. 

5. Place Your Invisalign Trays in Their Case

Always place your aligners in their case. 

If you remove your Invisalign trays to eat, for instance, you will want to place them in their case. You do not want them to gather extra bacteria, dry out, or get lost. And this is exactly what can happen if you do not store them properly. 

Without being able to use your aligners, you could cause treatment time to be delayed - and you may end up having to spend extra money. 

Do what you need to do to protect them. Keep them in their case when they are not in your mouth or being cleaned. 

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